Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Butt on the Wheel

3rd August,
Alone I put my butt
On the wheel to work,
Alone I park,
My car scratched!!
Damn I said..
Oh my careless eyes,

My way back home,
Oh not so far actually,
But sure so costly actually
And sometimes so slow actually,
I finally reached home safely
I thank God heavenly

I might be A 100 miles behind all of you,
But I wont give up,
Yes I am new, (to the wheel not the butt!)
Not that I am bad,
Far from weak..
All the best
My wish to me..

1 comment:

Rushdina Ismail said...

Sri..miss you much!!hehehhee...hows new place? new works? nnti nk melawat puan sri la..rumah dah dekat dah tu...hehehehe