Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I usually cheer up myself with this song-sing a long lalala

My Favourite thing- SOund of Music

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

[Repeat all verses]

Polar Bear -baca dari bwh ke atas

Today when I open my Yahoo mail, I found this issue really funny. It tickle me all day long. They are my friends, susah senang masa belaja dulu. They do have good sense of humour! I hate it!! tak larat nk gelak!!!!So I copied it and abadikan dlm blog ku. SENI Kelucuan namanya!!( ingat baca dari bwh ke atas!)

aah l.. aku lupa kelas structure itu????
serisu la.. walaupun dia marah aku.. tapi betul. aku ingat punya la dia ulang ulang ulang kelas structure tu..

ingat tak nani tanya??? "sir, which one is the polar bear??" - sumthing like that la.. polar line la nani.. first time aku tgk dr azeez gelak

before the above zura wrote this:

nampak sangat nani je yg tumpukan perhatian.. org lain tah mana mana tah.. aku ingat .. sebelah nani, yani.. 2 org tu je yg tekun dengar

--- On Tue, 6/23/09, eni diana wrote:

hehe..nuyu ko ingat tak masa dia ajar structure pasal polar line ntah apa tuh ...nani yg terror sturucture confident jek sebut polar bear kan nani....:D


Siapa lagi lecturer structure kita eh?
** Aku ingat Dr Azeez ajar microstation jer... Ler.. rupanya structure pun dia ajor..

--- On Mon, 6/22/09, archiprez mosis wrote:

lecturer paling mulia pernah aku jumpa. dia baik dowh.x macam lecturer structure kita yg lain haha

2009/6/23 zura hamid

kalau aku la.. aku mmg tak tegur la dr azeez.. dia kan selalu marah aku tido kat kelas computer tu.. "sister!! go and wash your face. why are you very tired??"

oh tidak.. mimpi ngeri :P

--- On Mon, 6/22/09, nurul ramly wrote:


Dr Azeez Kadar Hamsa masih ada di IIUM kah? pagi semalam dia jalan depan rumah aku dgn kain pelekat utk menghantar anak dia ke sekolah agama. aku nak cepat gi kerja masa tu. kami sama2 buat2 tak nampak sbb sama2 nak cepat. Atau kami sama2 malu? Atau sebenarnya aku salah org dan aku perasan dia malu kat aku? hahahahaah..

Huda, pls confirm. Dr Azeez dok area ni ke? Kalau betul, kena la tegur lain kali :o)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wake Me Up when July comes!!

Its June already, first week of July would be my last week at MAA, working with so many wonderfull people, with unique attitudes and stories. ( I’m gonna miss them)

I feel guilty not to be able to write anything for my constant reader, hubby dearie..and maybe Adam when he’s old enough to read.(hehe). Opss. Ya some of my friends does, sometimes.
I’ve been busy with interviews, evaluating offers ( not much only 2), within such a short notice. Thinking of future placement of my career and what would all these things may lead me to. God knows best..please guide me Allah…Amin. These are something that bugs my mind lately together with some stories of my friends related to life recently. (my VSSed life recently)

Along that I am searching for ideas and recepie for fondant ( I promise to prepare a wedding cake for my brother in law’s wedding this coming July. (frankly speaking I haven’t done anything except some cupcakes and buttercream which I kept for a few months in the fridge- Kak Jasmine from Baking Project is one of my favourite ref.) I am thinking of combination of cupcakes and 8 inch round butter or chocolate cake with simple fondant deco, but I would like to express my organic crafty touch as well..uuu.. I wonder how its gonna turn out to be. I wish my hubby would take me to a shop in Bangi for baking materials. Vanilla Pastry or something I’m yet to search back the info.
I got the reference book from Kak Nor, waitng for the right time to experiment the fondant making with Kak Pah and Kak Lin.. look who’s baking?

Kak Lin is leaving MAA for a company that appreciate her much more better. She might be a silent cheese cake maker one day. Secret recepie anyone?

Kak Pah is leaving to look for a better life in her own way. Hehehe we are yet to know her plan.

Where along the line of my career now that I am able to open up ARCHICAKE CENTRE? (epilog of a lost architect who turn out to construct a 40 storey cake..)    please smile and dream along with me..

Before this June ends, Kak Aida, I still owe you the vintage shirt and pants and tudung money. “She sell she shell at the she shore’. (Kak Aida sell so some thing secondhand at the surau, but I tink she should sell the nice bag that carry all those things-her mom saw it ) She’s leaving to educate the nation. GO TEACHER!!

At the same time I surf the info of sling ring for my Adam. Thinking of sewing it myself, but it reminds me to the cartoon printed cloth that I bought last month for Adam’s pillow case spare set. So many things pending action from this VSS mother.

My kuih business is also pending for a while. Still searching for the right time to take proper photo and upload it here for promotion. Raya is coming, haven’t started ganti puasa yet. Kak Lin, Dina Jom pulun!!

Door gift preparation for Wedding & Aqiqah this 19th July is yet to be included in the schedule. Mini Bahulu and yellow hanky are on the list. Hope my Acik Pidah would give the best price ever! FREE!!? Hohoho

Baju at Kak TI is another big fuss.. getting her to finish them on time is an issue well known to her customers. Right? My MAA-Kak T-customer fren? But the price is AMAZINGLY CHEAP!! So we have to bare with the delay. No EOT claim applied here.!! Where got blouse for RM10? Baju kurung for RM25? With lining is RM35? Baju Melayu is RM35? Baju bayi, alteration, etc, FREE!!
Damn worth it to look for that house at Lorong Ciku near Lot 406 Sentul.

Related to baju and such, Here comes Afzan, she’s not a fancy eater like me and the rest, but she dress to kill. She’ll do anything to get things match perfectly. Afzan is leaving MAA too.

Dina dress to kill those unwanted noise selfclaiming that they are the most gorgeous peep on earth! Dina stays coz her visa disapproved. Hahaha. You still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model!

Kak Yani has got to stay close to Big sister for some reasons. But who knows she might be leaving too. She got some nice hand bags and tudung making skills, those that she likes to wear lately.

Just know while searching for hantaran Idea for my brother in law wedding, I bumped to this Sue Anna Joe blog for her wedding story, (the excited bride) Nice one.. I knew that she’s one of the lady photographer appeared in TV3 recently. Must be quite well known for her nice shots. Well she inspired me to keep on polishing my photography skills ( if I have any) just by using a 1.3 megapixel hp camera. DSLR tak mainla..( well it really strike me, not just because I only have exactly 1.3 megapixel camera on hp, but the also the fact that my dream of having the Nikon D60 may start with my tough little Nokia. (it fell of my car roof down to the road once and few times dropped by me and my Adam.)

Last week when we are at the Kelantan Delight, Kak Syidah and I was discussing if we could have a Janda Baik gatheing again to APPRECIATE this Durian Season!! Huhuhu What say u guys? I can see some delighted faces out there!! Don’t be shy.. respons encouraged!

Wow!! so many interesting things bugs me actualy.. How could I spare a broken heart for someone like Kakak Besar that making my new employment story such a big fuss over shadowing the 40 storey towers? Wake up!! Cheers everyone!! Let’s try to finish what we are doing here, and proceed with so many wonderfull things to come!!