Friday, August 26, 2011

I am back honey

1 year and 6 months passed by... now I am back as I finally reffresshh this blog.
Welcome back Sri, where have you been?
Sri's replied.."Well I was really tied up with works, works and more works. actuaclly."
Oh I see. Anyway that's how you got your pay, and you run your life with it, right? So deal with it darling.
But some said I have no life?
Yeah what ever,what is life without money? ***
So how's your family?
Erm.. many things happened both sad and happy things..some are growing bigger, but not all growing wiser.
So what's your plan from this blogging point of time?
To reorganize and restructuring all over again, I hope...
And most importantly to chill and doing thing that makes me a happy heart to live with..