Monday, April 6, 2009


One day
My brother ask me.. do you the song?
‘Oh bulan..nanana (he doesn’t know the lyrics) diriku lagi’
I said, Oh, that song, its Yuna an indie artist
I thought its and indonesian song.. said him again
No, she’s Malaysian and a lawyer to be, replied my mom from the kitchen
I know where she got that info from.. must be from MHI at TV3,
She watched it every morning while preparing my hot Milo,
My father was busy trying to find the song cord via his black ‘kapok’guitar
My fairly ill brother again ask me to him a favour..(he's having bisul at his ***)
‘Bleh tak along tolong tuliskan lirik dia, Lagu yg ‘Oh bulan’
O ok.. (the best sister on the planet! an undercover indie fan..hihi)

Dan Sebenarnya, Yuna bukan indie lagi
They are almost got famous for
My family knows them,
I wonder if they are flying one day
With rocket in their mind..
All the Best YUNA!!